We turn live social engagement into reality.

Pictabadge activates brands using social networks.
We immortalize Instagram moments and tweets from participants by turning them into customized badges.
And we do it immediately, right there at the event!
Going to a festival or a party? We’ve got a solution for you.


The right badge for the right audience.

  • Magnet
  • Mirror
  • Clip
  • Bottle opener
  • Safe pin
  • Magnet

    38mm - 59mm

    Decorates any metal surface.

  • Mirror


    Indispensable in your handbag.

  • Clip


    No holes in jackets.

  • Bottle opener


    Use with moderation.

  • Classic

    38mm - 59mm

    So 80's!

Insta badge

Insta Badge enhances your social strategy through image.
We’ll grab the image based on the hashtag, and transform your participant’s Instagram or Twitter photos into customized badges right on the spot.
These souvenirs are made for and by your audience!
Set up you hashtags, and it’s ready, set, go!

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Insta badge


Pictabadge isn’t just for social networks!
Pictacam’s photoshoot mode lets all participants leave with their photo on a badge.


Tweet badge

Use Twitter to create your own message party 2.0.
With a Tweet Badge you can turn tweets into text badges in a just few minutes.
You want to push customization to the max?
No problem, choose a list of hashtags and customize with no limits: #pink #blue #moustache #keepcalm, ...

Tweet badge

How does it work?

  • Sharing
  • Customization
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • 1. Sharing

    Images or tweets are shared by your audience using a specific hashtag.

  • 2. Customization

    Shared images and tweets are available directly on the social media kiosk.

  • 3. Production

    The badge is produced immediately at the stand.

  • 4. Distribution

    The badge is ready to be distributed on the spot.


  • Images


    Encourage and engage your audience to share on social networks.

  • Edit


    Your fans customize their own badges on our social kiosk.

  • Mail


    Your participants will keep your original badge long after the event is over.

They already trusted us.

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